2Apri2015 Doing rhetoric at Thinkering Day and playing some baseball

I don’t think I have shared any pictures from the “Everything’s an Argument” class from Thinkering Day, so here are a few. We were discussing the ins and outs of allowances, and trying to invent arguments both in favor and against the idea that parents should give their kids allowances. Deciding and agreeing on the definitions of things can be the hardest part of debate and argument, and we did indeed get a little stuck on what constituted an allowance. Does it mean being paid for chores? Or do you get paid every week no matter what? How often and how much?

It helped illustrate that sometimes people aren’t disagreeing so much on an issue, they are disagreeing about definitions!

The earlier pictures are of the kids in the digital art class, using the iPad and such to create art. There will be an art show in June sometime, but I included a few of Luke’s works here too. And of course, baseball practice – a wonderful late afternoon with golden rays of light falling on the field…

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