The Visit to Amherst College – April 2nd 

The morning started much like all of the mornings before it, get up, go to an information session at the college and then go on the tour. The information session was quite generic but we were all very surprised with the tour. 

Our guide was a senior at Amherst who was majoring in psychology and religion. He was easily the best tour guide out of all of the colleges we’ve seen. He was very objective about the school, he knew what was wrong with the school and was willing to tell us what he thought. We even stayed after the tour to talk to him about his thoughts on the school, his biggest issue was the lack of pre-made social groups for students but he still decided to go to Amherst because it’s a well-known school. 

We ate on campus, nothing special but a wide variety of options, they even had soymilk. I had some free time to walk around campus while the rest of the group looked at the music practice rooms so I got to admire the views on the edge of campus, large expanses, lots of trees. 

We had a long drive through traffic to Pennsylvania but apart from some nice views, nothing exciting at all.

Pictures of campus: 


Picture of the view from one end of campus: 


I tried to get a picture of myself with the mountains in the background: 


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