The Final Day of the Trip – April 4th

Today was a very special day, yes, it was the last day of our trip, but more importantly, it was the first and only day we got to really sleep in. Our flight didn’t leave Boston until 6ish so we has most of day to ourselves, well, what was left after getting breakfast at 12. We decided to go indoor rock climbing again, we hadn’t gotten much extersise during the week and walking around the city didn’t sound too appealing. We went to the same chain of rock climbing gym that we had visited earlier in the week, although this location was much better for climbing. The entire place was well kept up and cleaned regularly. After a few hours at the gym we had a quick lunch and drove over to the airport. We passed by Harvard and MIT on the way but no good picture opportunities unfortunately. Getting on the flight was very routine, which is fine by me. I got back to the house at around 12:00, which felt like 3:00am, so I went straight to bed. It was a wonderful trip but I was very glad to be home.

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