18April2015 Baseball at Ashland LL – playing the A’s

it is a beautiful Saturday and we are at the ball field! Daddy, Jack (who woke up about 10 minutes before we left and asked if he could come to the game in his blanket – Luke thought that was completely hilarious) and Mama sitting on the sidelines watching them play. I wish the coaches (who are just dads) emphasized the fun and skill-building part of playing, but unfortunately the emphasis is on winning. Luke’s coach isn’t in this category, he tries to keep it light, but the other teams are definitely focused on winning. And that wouldn’t even be a problem except for the fact that the coaches encourage their players to steal bases on missed thows even when there hasn’t been a hit. So, today for example, when our pitcher threw a pitch that the batter swung at but our catcher fumbled, they steal the base. And if the catcher throws and the third baseman misses it, they steal all the way to home. I get it, you need to defend your bases and I can see a few stolen bases per game. But this team has scored most of their runs with stealing. It just feels demoralizing for our team, especially since our kids don’t do the same thing. A baseball friend from last year – Jimmy – stayed in the Minor B league because the feeling is more fun and not so focused on winning. I rather wish I had known that Luke didn’t have to go and play in the Minor A league, I want him to enjoy playing ball, not feeling bad because he drops a catch when he’s still learning and practicing his skills. Ah well, hopefully he still wants to play baseball after this season!


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