25April2015 Makerspace, Recording Music and Being with Friends = Perfect Day

it is almost 8 pm and we are just now heading over the San Mateo Bridge from Belmont to home. We carpooled in with Daddy, so no, I’m not typing this as I drive 😛

Luke, Jack and I started the day with 4-H Makerspace at the park in San Lorenzo. The boys continued with the hovercraft project (with smaller motors brought yesterday at Jameco) but the new project of the day was Matchhead Rockets. This involves wrapping up matches with tin foil, setting it up on a base and then lighting the match through the foil to make it burn and shoot the match off like a rocket would. It was so wndy today that it was hard to get the lighter to work, but the real problem was that we were using newer, more environmentally friendly matches that don’t produce as much gas or “oomph” as the older style ones. Still, it wouldn’t be Makerspace if everything worked!

And then we dropped Jack off at the Hayward BART station so he could go to Academic Conversations (he ended up staying afterward to go out to dinner with Josh and Kyle) and off we went to Belmont. Daddy went to work, and Luke headed up to Katherine’s house to record some music with Lee for the Imagination Station TV show. I stayed in the park and planned out the rhetoric class for Chance and Jack this summer – need to cram in Rhetoric, start AP Literature and do Physics and maybe Chemistry for Chance (and Jack too – but this is the last summer I have to work with C). I’m hoping he will be able to take AP Chem at Logan next year, but I can’t count on it. He gets so busy with debate during the school year that summers are my best shot for school work with him.



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