8May2015 Friday Funday in Belmont

The Thinkering kids can’t have enough time together…so the day after the last Thinkering Day, we went to back to Belmont for a “play all day with no annoying classes getting in the way”. We came a little early so Luke could attend their book club ( the book “A View from Saturday” by E.L. Konigsberg) and the kids had tea and cute sandwiches on the porch while discussing the book. Therese (the mom whose house it is that is around the corner from Twin Pines park where we have Thinkering) mentioned that they didn’t seem to be discussing the book too much, but the kids proclaimed it “best book club meeting ever”! 

I hung out on the porch getting work done and talking to Jacki, Therese, Jacki’s mom and Mary, while the kids spent the rest of the day riding their ripsticks, talking, jumping on the trampoline, and playing. I ordered a pizza around 6 pm, but it was only Katherine, Gabriana and Luke left at that point, and they are their pizza while riding on the ripsticks around Ike the dog on the driveway. They also did some pretending to be orphans from 1910 who were inventors for a while too, but alas, 7 pm rolled around and it was time for Luke and I to go home. Even 8 hours of time together wasn’t enough, the sighs and “oh no”s were plentiful when I gave Luke the 5 minute warning. 

Luke told me the next morning that all he wants for his birthday party is another day like that, with maybe more time and a sleepover at the end of it. His actual birthday falls on the only day that he and Jack can make it to the MakerFaire in San Mateo, so I need to talk to the Belmont moms about something next week. We have a Thinkering meetup at the beach next Thursday, hmm, wonder if I can finagle something with that….


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