9May2015 Baseball game – a win!

Their second win, yay! The picture that shows Luke being on first base ended up in him making it to third base, but because a coach told the player on second to steal third, Luke was forced to try and steal home and was tagged out. Ugh. I get really annoyed with the emphasis on stealing when the pitcher/catcher of the other team fumbles the ball, but you don’t steal when you have someone already on the next base! It was just so annoying, since Luke is always bringing in runs but still hasn’t scored a run yet. He would have scored too, because they went on to score another couple of runs after he was tagged out. And the dads screaming instructions from the sidelines gets SO OLD, I just want to put duct tape on their mouths so we don’t have to hear them. If you want to coach, volunteer to be a coach  don’t yell from sidelines and confuse the kids! It really takes away from the fun for the players – Luke feels the pressure too, but he loves playing baseball so much. Sorry, I don’t mean to write such a complaining post, but it really bothers me. I just don’t understand this emphasis on winning, and being so uber competitive. Anyway, Luke did bring in a few runs with a sacrifice hit (not on purpose, he just got tagged out at first), he’s dependable that way 🙂


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