24April15 Meeting of Academic Conversations

After watching a TED talk and reading various articles, the following was discussed in class about mandatory vaccinations:

  • reasons for fear of vaccinations (autism scare, aluminum, mercury and other vaccine ingredients, Guillain-Barre, allergies, celebrity anti vaccine publicity, religious fears “contaminating soul”, fear of needles, personal stories of people harmed from vaccines)
  • reasons people distrust the government and big pharma (DDT, nuclear disasters, Bhopal, the Challenger, Vioxx, weapons of mass destruction, hanging chads, leaded gas, pharmacies funding safety studies, Silkwood, Erin Brokovich)
  • facts about vaccine safety
  • herd immunity
  • social responsibility
  • increase in occurrence of diseases once thought eradicated since anti vaccine movement
  • consequences of catching diseases
  • Vaccine exemptions
  • religious argument
  • vaccination rules for dogs vs. people (dogs can’t enter Natl. parks or dog care facilities without proper vaccination)
  • should there be vaccine exemptions or should all school children be vaccinated?
  • Should restaurant workers, daycare workers or anyone that works with children too young to be vaccinated be required to have all vaccinations?
  • Should there be public notices if workers have not been vaccinated?
  • Is it fair for anti vaxxers to be prohibited from attending public school? Does it exclude them from being exposed to alternative views, and knowledge of why they might want to vaccinate their future children?
  • Should anti vaxxers fund schools for other anti vaxxers?
  • Should college students be required to show vaccination records for admittance?

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