6June2015 Medals for Luke – yes more than one!

we went to the Closing Ceremonies for Little League today, and cheered in the teams as they walked up to get their trophies. And Luke and his team too, of course. I will have more pictures to post later when I empty the big camera, but here is one from the phone on the way home:

But the “bad parenting” award came because we left towards the end – no more awards were being given, Luke’s coach didn’t say anything – but then received a phone call the next day from Luke’s coach (Coach Eddie) saying that he had recommended Luke for the Sportsmanship medal for their team, and the other dads and kids agreed. He and daddy went to his house to get the medal, but boy, did John and I feel bad about leaving the award ceremony right at the end! We are very proud of Luke for his behavior and attitude all throughout Little League: even when the league doesn’t back up their goal of making it fun and a learning experience for the kids, he never wanted to quit or give up or miss games or practices. He really puts his heart into his work, his play and his games. He supported his teammates and didn’t over-react with some of the mean and rude things a few of the kids did to him. 

Coach Eddie also wants him to play Fall Ball and maybe start working on being a pitcher. Fall Ball is a lot less pressure and emphasis on winning; Luke is excited about the prospect!

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