12June2015 taping of science TV show

Luke and I came into work with Daddy today because he has a taping at the Palo Alto Media Center with some of his Thinkering friends. They call it the Imagination Station Show, I should stop calling it Thinkering, because it is completely separate!

We dropped daddy off at work and then headed to the Media Center, stopping on way to pick up some goodies for the volunteers who help us tape the show. We are a little early so here’s some pictures of Luke just waiting:

Notice his cool new Converse shoes!

Jack is home working on his programming classes and hopefully getting some physics and chemistry done. I have a pot of pork stock simmering on the stove; so he’s been charged with adding onions and mushrooms and some beans for dinner. We won’t be home until 8 pm or so, Friday night traffic is always bad and John usually waits it out before heading home.

Chance is safely in Dallas, killing time until the tournament starts – he is supposed to be writing blog posts himself, but takes his time in doing so. More pics soon…Okay, here are some pictures doe the process of getting ready to tape (need to do a run through so staff know where to put cameras, etc.). And a few from taping – I could have sat and watched them tape, but hate making Luke nervous. It will all be on the video!


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