Glenn, MI. 6/30/15


West Side County Park.   That’s a lot of lumber and a heck of a ramp back up from the very narrow beach.   They did put back some parking closer to the top of the ramp, rather than than at the far end of the park.  Luke likes that they still have a dangerous merry-go-round.

We stopped on the way back from picking up pills for one of Mom’s cats.  Luke had run ahead and was talking with a couple at the top of the new ramp.  It turned out to be Luke’s Great Aunt Marge and Aaron Plummer. Small town.


Faygo at Meijer’s.   Amused that the 7-11 in Taylor a few blocks from Aunt Karen and Kelly sells the most Slurpees and they are crowning the owner the “Slurpee Queen”.  The reward was exclusive Faygo and Vernors flavors.  Ah, Michigan.

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