18July2015 A Productive Day of Relaxing

It is a beautiful Saturday here in the Boreczky household, and we are doing our various things. John is in uber relaxation mode, sorting Legos while watching the Tour de France, with a break for his favorite radio shows (“Says Who” and maybe “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”, both on NPR). And you can catch a view of our brand new couch, which we brought back in the very beginning of June. The color is a silvery blue, with lots of grey and a hint of green in it – I adore it – and which now clash with the curtains on the front windows. I knew they would, and planned on moving the sage green curtains into the bedroom and then buying new curtains for the living room, or, if I can finagle some time, make them. Since the walls are blue, I am thinking a neutral color or an opposite color for the curtains…a neighbor suggested white, but dark burgundy is also in the picture. Maybe? I’m so not a decorating person!

Jack had promised Luke that he would play a new game with him this weekend called Space Engineers. Yes, video games, but there is a lot of laughing and talking going back there, so I don’t mind to much.

Luke loves doing anything and everything with his older brothers. Mostly Jack, just because Chance is out of the house so much. In fact, he’s at James Logan today doing the Extemp part of his debate summer camp, and this is on top of an entire week of being there by about 8:30 am (he walks to BART and takes the train to Logan just like he does during the school year, although he doesn’t have to be at school that early). He has been doing some coaching himself of the newer Policy kids, so they are waiving the fees for debate this year for him. I’d rather he stay home and work on Chemistry and Physics, but he says he needs to do some of the summer camp, so we will just hVe to hustle when he is home. 

And after I post this blog entry, I am back to pulling together all of the information needed to write up transcripts and course descriptions for Chance’s college applications. It is such a black hole of work, not to mention that I am helping Chance with researching colleges, layered with angst and worry about a homeschool kid getting into selective colleges. I don’t want to be working with looming deadlines, so I am trying to have most of this finished by September 1st, which puts us in good shape for the early action deadlines (November 1st), assuming Chance can narrow down his college list by then. He’s interested in political science, economics and foreign relations, which narrows down colleges already, since not every college has a reasonable foreign relations department. Georgetown, Princeton, and Harvard are probably the best places, but with money an issue, we will certainly be looking at a variety of schools. UCLA and UC San Diego are good choices too, and are in state, which should be more affordable. We will see!


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