19July2015 visiting SFO airport

Luke and I went to the SFO Airport with a friend and his mom, and it was a lot more fun than you might imagine! Luke’s friend is very interested in transportation, particularly mass transit and airlines. We went to the Oakland Airport with him last winter in order to ride their new AirBart, which is this cute little train that runs from the BART station at the Coliseum and takes you right to the airport (did I write a post for that?).  The boys had a lot of fun riding AirBart back and forth, and we planned on visiting SFO in the near future.

We met up at MacArthur BART to catch the train that takes you to SFO (it was Sunday, so the trains were less crowded than on weekdays with all the commuters). The BART station stops at the terminal with SFO’s version of AirBart in Oakland, AirTrain, which is free and takes you all around the different terminals of the airport. 

Arriving at the airport, we went into the international terminal and found out that there was a museum and exhibits!


After grabbing a quick bite to eat (forgot how overpriced airport food is – I only brought something for Luke), we headed over to the Museum/Research Library, which was a real find. Exhibits about air travel In the 60s, how Pan-Am revolutionized and started cross-Pacific travel in the late 1930s and lots more. I think the outfits for the stewardesses could work today, what do you think?














I didn’t get too many pictures of the other exhibits, but I should have gotten a shot of the books at least. It turns out that they maintain a full library on airports and airlines and airplanes and you can come in and do research with an appointment. The docent was super nice to the boys and appreciated the fact that they were truly interested in the airplanes and stories. He asked if we flying out and chuckled when we told him that we were local and on a field trip to the airport! Luke’s friend asked the best place to watch the planes take off and he sent us to Terminal 2 of the AirTrain. After riding the train for a good while, we ended up here:


I liked the silhouette so much that I played around with some iPad apps to see if I could make an interesting picture. I think it worked, yes?

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