23July2015 lesson learned

It is day 4 of Luke’s LARP summer camp, and since he prefers for me to come with and hang out in the car in the parking lot, I did. We dropped Daddy off as usual and headed to Mitchell Park. I walked over to the little gourmet shop and brought some Cowgirl Creamery cheese (a lovely fresh Brie covered in herbs) and headed to car to get some class planning done (that’s for another post).

It gets to be about 5 pm, and Luke heads over and we sit in the car, waiting until about 6:30 to go and get Daddy. I’m still working and he’s listening to his story tape and drawing in the front seat. The story stops playing after a while, and he says “Mama, I think you should come and start the car”. I ask if he thinks it is dead – hoping all the while no – but when I get in the front seat, it indeed won’t start. Because it is a hybrid, it uses the battery only when you start the car, and doesn’t use gas until you get going and it needs more power. Or something like that, ask John. Ugh. Sigh. It wasn’t Luke’s fault, I wasn’t thinking about the battery going too low.

I text john, let him know; call AAA and get told it will be about an hour. John actually starts walking over to the park, since it is only 3 miles from his work and once he arrives, we figure the truck should be here any minute. But no, they call and say they got pulled to a priority call on the freeway and that it will be another 45 min (probably more, I’m sure). Double ugh. Double sigh. Chance and Jack are ordering Chinese and walking to pick it up; but Luke is too hungry to eat, so he and dad are walking over to a nearby Subway to grab some dinner for him. I’ll let you know what happened….

About 20 minutes later…

On our way home now.

Ooh, some really cool cloud pictures!


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