2Sept2015 our first Arduino

Blog posts are going to continue to be spotty with me working full time on Chance’s transcripts and college applications but I’ll try and do these little ones as much as possible. WordPress finally updated their iPhone app and it is pretty easy to slap up a few pictures and write one sentence!

I’m in Belmont with Luke – he’s having an all day play date with K and G, who are finally back from Colorado (their dad had a medical emergency but is on his way back to normal) and just wanted to play with friends. I’m also thinking about my mom and my cousins Dawn and Toni, who are in Texas making arrangements for my cousin Jeff Tuttle, who passed away yesterday from pancreatic cancer. No words, really, except that pancreatic cancer is the worst of the worst. 

Life continues, and I’m glad to be of help to our friends who need a return to normal life and just playing and talking with friends. And for the pictures today, this is Luke and Jack getting our first Arduino yesterday in the mail. Arduinos are essentially a very small, very basic computer board and is a great first step to learning about robotics and hardware. We will be using Arduinos in our 4-H Makerspace project this year, and Luke wants to be sure he’s expert enough to teach all the other kids about it. I’m going to need to get the next step – he’s moving fast through this stuff!


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