3Sept2015 First Thinkering Day at new location

i don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but our previous location was through the Belmont Parks and Recs department. We rented their little cottages and for the first 4 years, it worked pretty well, since the person in charge gave us a non-profit rate to make it affordable (even though we can’t afford to apply for official non-profit status). He left, and this past year was a horrible experience with the new person, who charged us the full rate with no room for negotiation (it isn’t like there is a great demand for the cottage) and gave us a hard time about the kids following the “rules” when on break. For instance, they shouldn’t be running to the park, or hanging out on the benches – truly a lady who has never been around normal, exuberant and happy children. Ugh. Anyway, just as we were going to sign papers for this year’s Thinkering, Jacki was searching around for a new location and found one at an Episcopal church just down the street from Twin Pines Park. Not only was the pastor kind and thoughtful (he gets kids), the actual space (which Luke and I saw for the first time this morning) is huge compared to the cottage! Practicing for the play is going to be a lot more fun for the directors and the kids now that they can move around and use the space. It does have a little “echo”  when you are there, but the kids don’t seem to mind.

And the new kids were enveloped completely into the group by lunchtime; you couldn’t even tell who were the veterans and who were the “new kids”. We did have a few park days in August so they could meet everyone, and it really did the trick. It is going to be a wonderful Thinkering season!


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