16Sept2015 First practice of Fall Ball

and the first rain of the season!! You just don’t know how beautiful the sight of real raindrops on your windshield can be until you have had years of drought. Last winter was very low In the rainfall but the forecast for this winter is optimistic, since El Niño is coming to visit. El Niño is a weather pattern of extra warm air coming over from across the Pacific and the fact that we are getting any rain at all in September is a very good sign. 

And now to Fall Ball. Fall Ball is a more casual form of Little League’s spring session, and Luke and I are going to enjoy it very much. Coach Gabor is focused on safety and the kids having fun, and is organized to boot. He actually sent emails about time and place more than once and days before the first session. And best of all, a pal from Luke’s very first Little League season – Jimmy – is going to be on his team.

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