20Sept2015 First game for Fall Ball

I’m sitting in a scrap of shade trying to keep cool as I write this, we are in between innings at Luke’s first baseball game of the season. But it is hot today! It will be 90 degrees by the time we get home, so I just texted Jack to be sure to turn on the air conditioner in a little while. Our house does a great job of staying cool on warm days, but on really hot days, it can only do so much.

Like I wrote in the first practice post, this Fall Ball league is a breath of fresh air. More supportive of the kids, no matter what they do, and an emphasis on skill building abd having fun. What more could you ask for?

They rotate the kids through the positions every inning so Luke will get practice at every position (well most positions) every game. Here he is out in right outfield:


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