13October15 A picture of Jack!

Jack has been going into work with John on Tuesday and Thursdays for his in-person Precalculus class at Foothill College (the other class – JAVA programming is done online) and so he isn’t around as much as he usually is. Chance is the one we see very little of, between his two classes at Logan and then practices, he doesn’t get home until 6-7pm most night. And then he volunteered to tutor kids in zero period at school (before the first period of the day) two days a week; he wakes at 5 am to get to school on time! So we lose even the two mornings a week we had a little time with him – I honestly don’t know how school parents handle such little time with their kids. High school is one thing, the kids are older and need more independence; but middle school? Anyway, Jack is starting to do his own thing more and more now, but he’s still home a lot with us. And that includes 4-H club meetings!

Jack is standing up in front to give the project report for


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