14October15 a package and some homeschooling

A day at home is feeling far and few between these day; I’ve started telling Luke that we can’t wait for “staying home” days anymore to do school work because that will put us way behind. Anyway, Jack left in the morning to take BART to his rock climbing gym for a workout, Chance went to school, daddy to work,  and Grandma off to do errands. We were reading through some Oxford history, got interrupted by some Jehovah’s Witnesses (I’m far too polite to tell them to leave us alone so they come a lot), did some Michael Clay Thompson vocabulary (dis-, post-, pre- stems) and was agin interrupted by the mailman dropping off a package. The one that was supposed to be here Tuesday, according to Luke.

It was taped up by a fiendish package wrapper, so Luke had to get out his trusty jackknife and open it up. Cool t-shirt (the quote is anyway) and a letter to read. Can’t ask for more 🙂


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