9Dec2015 Taping of pet show

Today was the big day to tape the pet show for Imagination Station: a long day of hanging around in a box for FiFi and a cage for our temporary bunny, Big Ice. Big Ice much prefers his big black cage anyway at home – if you leave the door open, he won’t come out – but he doesn’t have much love for the noise and bumps of the road. And FiFi is okay in a small box, but keeping her warm when the car is turned off is another challenge. Anyway, we headed off early to daddy’s work (his work is about 3 miles away from the studio where the kids tape their shows) and here you can see Luke and Daddy being silly in the parking lot waiting for Mama to return from the bathroom.

I do not know what they were doing exactly, but they were having fun. Daddy dropped us off at the studio after getting a few hours of work done and headed back to work.

And then the life of a TV show presenter: running through the show once or twice so that the producer knows what is coming and how to set the stage, waiting patiently in position so the lighting crew can set the lights to the proper settings and placement, and working out the details for entering and leaving the set (since the kids were going to talk about their pets separately). I usually spend the time working or knitting, but since this was a more complex show, it required some more preparation to get ready. Handling the animals was the hardest part, actually. Usually the kids can sit quietly on the side and wait for their cues, but because we had dogs who might bark, we had to have them wait in the waiting room and have them come in right before their spot. Doors opening and closing in the middle of taping isn’t ideal (the cameras can pick up a lot of sound) but it was the best we could do.

But finally, finally – it takes 2-3 hours to be ready for taping – we were ready and the kids started the taping. It wasn’t a perfect run-through, the timekeepers got mixed up with the remaining time when Luke was presenting FiFi and cut him off in the middle of his spiel (he was upset about that afterward) when he had a good 2 minutes left and then the kids needed to stretch everything at the ending, but it was good overall. Luke learned that it is hard being the last presenter of a group because you need to be ready to go short or long, but being cut off in the middle is even harder. And we also learned that FiFi perks up when she’s warmer!








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