17Dec2015 Daily Journal

I am going to try and write something up every day with the blog – even if only a paragraph about we did that day, since it is nice to have a journal all in one place.

Even though we are between Thinkering sessions, the kids miss each other too much to not see each other for weeks, so Luke and I are in Belmont at Twin Parks for a casual parkday with everyone. I tried to arrange one for the last two Thursdays, but we got rain both days. You won’t hear Northern Californians complaining about being rained out, but it was funny that the two Thursdays were sandwiched between dry days otherwise! Here are a couple of pictures of our ride  over the San Mateo Bridge: I just loved the gradient of clouds on the horizon.

So I think the preteen years are coming: we moms are at the picnic tables by the playground and all the kids are over by the community center riding their Ripsticks and talking and playing. Can’t be seen to be hanging out to close to Mom all the time 🙂


Jack is home starting some vegetable soup for me, Chance went into school(hopefully no meeting afterward – I offer to call him sick a lot for a day off but he usually turns me down because of his commitment to debate meetings and practices – bad mom). He only has a few weeks to finish up his Common Application (instead of doing a separate application for every college, most of them now use the Common App so students can consolidate the application process) and I’m getting a little anxious about the deadline(Jan 1st). I don’t want to hit “submit” an hour before it is due. Anyway, he’s been stealing some time and he has some of the essays written out with a pretty good idea if what he needs to get done in next 2 weeks. But it is a pretty stressful process for both mom and son. We’ll get it done though, we don’t really have a choice 🙂

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