25Dec15 The Aunt’s Balloons

So Karen and Kelly decided that instead of giving the boys money in a puzzle (like last year), they would make them work for it even harder by hiding it in one balloon out of many. Of course you wouldn’t want to mail a sack of blown up balloons across the country, so it fell job me, John and Grandma to blow them up and stuff the big “Santa sacks” for the boys to find in the morning. Let’s not mention the blue powder that came off the blue balloons, staining fingers and lips (and doing heaven knows what to our lungs) or the fact that John and Joan are the slowest balloon-blower-uppers and I had to finish both of their bags of balloons…

Lots of pictures to show the fun – this first set is the boys discovering the balloons and then opening up the singing Christmas cards:


Here is Luke popping his first balloon and excitedly finding the money inside only to discover that it is a fake 20 dollar bill:

You can see that Chance was the first to find the real money and Luke and Jack had to keep bursting balloons…until the happy moment when Luke found his. You can’t tell but he did a little currency dance when he did!

Happy boy. And a few more:














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