2Jan2016 Hike up the HILL!

We were all home for a change – no debate tournament, no parties or meetings, no sleeping over friends’ houses – so we decided to do a walk in our neighborhood to get some exercise. Heading out, it quickly turned into doing the big hill about a mile from the house; John and I get about 50 flights of stairs on our step trackers, so it is a good sized hill. We should do it more often for the exercise!

Of course I had to take some pictures of the boys at the top – it was a cloudy day, so it looks more gloomy than it actually was. The views were great, and no fog blocking the views of all the bridges. Oh, and we also found a little labyrinth at the very top that was new to us (it has been a few years since we have done this hike), which was a nice surprise.

Oh, almost forgot about the cookie tower: our friend Linda brought this over for us on New Year’s Day. It is a Norwegian tradition to make towers of meringue cookies. Luke had a lot of fun putting it together with the royal icing. It was a little too sweet but the almond in it gave it some flavor, so it wasn’t too bad. It couldn’t have been, it all disappeared within about 3 days…

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