16Jan2016 Luke’s Projects

I’m combining a few days of pictures, but wanted to show just a few of the projects Luke is working on. This first one is his movie for 4-H about chickens (which eventually got scrapped – long story). He’s a little annoyed in the last two pictures because Mama is making him pose for pictures.

IMG_5590 IMG_5593

These second set of pictures show Luke working on his own project, which is some sort of electrical generator?? I see I am going to need to ask Luke to start writing up his own blog posts, he’s working on projects beyond my expertise! I think it was a kit Daddy brought home, but I will try and have him explain it to you later. He can spend hours working on projects and dreaming up inventions, and gets completely absorbed in what he is doing, it is wonderful to see his creativity and skill blossoming.

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