15Jan2016 working on Pylon for the Tech Challenge

Luke is on a team with 5 other boys to invent a glider that can deliver a payload of ping-pong balls over a mountain. There will also be some obstacles in the way that the glider will need to get past; in order to test their gliders, they needed a pylon. Luke stepped up and delivered one!

It is photographic paper from John’s work, nice and thick and heavy, but Luke needed to figure out how to make a self-supporting column so it can stand by itself (and be carried, by the way). You can make a column with just paper, but it isn’t super stable all by itself. He got the idea to use some old spools from the plastic used for 3D printing to provide some stability to the ends and to the middle of the pylon. A little duct tape, and he was all set! It was still a job getting it into the back of the Flex to take to the Tech Challenge meeting however…

Thinking, thinking, thinking…
Measuring, measuring, measuring…
Staying upright? Check.
As tall as Daddy? Check.
Silly grins and happy? Check!



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