9May2016 Last 4-H meeting of year

The school year is winding down for us, which is highly ironic, since we don’t go to school! But being in 4-H keeps us busy every month with regular project meetings and events, so May is always a relief: last project meetings, the end of the officer’s and club meetings, and some time off from everything. Today’s meeting included installing the officers, and Luke is going to be Sergeant at Arms again next year (need to motivate him to step up to another office). It is a short but sweet ceremony:







 There’s a candle to light, some words about Luke’s job and then a handshake and applause from everyone. 





All the newly installed officers!



IMG_7087.JPG IMG_7084.JPG

In other news, Chance has a pretty bad case of senioritis – he had me call him in sick so he could stay home and work on Latin. To be fair, he does have the AP Latin test this Friday and he’s feeling a little unprepared for it. He’s been working hard on it for the last couple of weeks to be ready. His Latin teacher – Wes Swing – gave us some bad news last week. He’s a gifted performer in the violin and other instruments and has a chance to resume performing for a living with a new manager. So he is moving back  to Virginia and starting a tour. He might be able to continue working with Jack over Skype, but if he’s too busy performing to do that, it will be great news for him. Stil, we are so sorry to see him go; he’s been fabulous with the boys. Jack for through two units of Cambridge Latin in one year.

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