17May2016 Magic Mountain or Bust!




Magic Mountain!

I asked Luke what he wanted for his 11th birthday party and gift, and he mentioned going to Magic Mountain (amusement park down near LA). Oh, and a bike helmet too, which he talked Grandma into buying for him. I took a look at the calendar and didn’t see any 3-4 day breaks where Daddy, Jack, Luke and I could take a nice leisurely vacation to Magic Mountain; between baseball games, Jack’s classes at Foothill (Mondays and Wednesdays until June) and other commitments on the calendar, it looked pretty bleak. We were running out of time to schedule a visit, because it starts getting very crowded (and not so fun) around the 1st-2nd week of June.  But then I noticed that Luke’s actual birthday was empty and happened to fall on a Tuesday. Could we drive down that morning, go to MM all day, spend the night and then be back in time to have Jack at school on Wednesday? Why yes, yes we could. And that is why when May 17th arrived, we were on the freeway by about 4:30 am (yes, that isn’t a typo) and heading down to the northern edge of LA to Valencia/Santa Clarita to be in the parking lot of Magic Mountain 20 minutes before they opened. That shot above is us waiting to head into the park at 10:30. There were a lot of people, but once we were inside and dispersed, it was indeed a ghost town (there is a CrowdTracker website that tells you what the crowds are like on particular days for Magic Mountain – ghost town is exactly what I was hoping for).


DSC00108 DSC00109 DSC00106 DSC00105_copy_cropping DSC00105

Daddy is way too tall for most of the roller coasters at MM, so to start, Jack, Luke and I rode X2, Goliath, and some others. I needed to take a break and so Luke and Jack were powering through roller coaster after roller coaster! You can see a few of them above; when you only need to walk through the gates and wait for a car to come, you can fit in quite a bit of riding in a few hours. We did take a snack break (very expensive, not so good food, so we brought french fries and some frozen lemonade).

After a bit of a break, and more sunscreen being applied, the boys kept riding until the park closed (6 pm). Here are some pictures of very tired, but very happy boys, including some of Luke in the car on the way to the Best Western we stayed at not too far from Magic Mountain. After a few minutes freshening up in the hotel room, wiping off sunscreen, re-hydrating and changing clothes, we headed off to the Woodside Grill to have a birthday dinner for Luke, complete with fried onion strips, baby back ribs and decadent macaroni and cheese for the birthday boy!

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