27Sept2016 Bookworm in training

img_7872A pretty good day today: Luke is reading a Betsy Byars book called The Pinballs, and isn’t doing too much else, other than drinking iced tea and trying to stay cool. It isn’t a long book, but it is a regular book with small print. I think he has finally worked on his stamina enough that he can now read for pleasure for hours at a time. He has of course read other books on his own, but they have been easier books or the comic books we have laying around (Baby Blues and Calvin and Hobbes). Reading out loud to his great aunt Cioca almost every day (she lives in Michigan so they do it on the phone with the same book for each of them) has been priceless in working on not only his reading fluency and speed, but also his stamina for reading. I remember when we first started on his dyslexia with the Dancing Bears books; he would complain of tiredness and even a headache if we worked on reading for too long. It has been almost two years, but he is reading almost any word you put in front of him, AND he’s reading for pleasure, all of his own choosing. It makes me so happy having him come to me with a book he found on our shelves and telling me he’s going to read it. I didn’t even know we had this book, I am not too sure where it cam from. But it is Betsy Byars, who wrote more in the 1970s, but is usually a dependable source for good books. img_7884

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