29Sept2016 Molecular Clocks

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Molecular Clocks (short but informative)

What we did/More information

This was a short activity, but maybe we needed more, since we were left with more questions than we answered.
— The first part was examining a 80 base sequence from humans, chimps and baboons. It took us a minute to realize it was one long sequence, not 4 sequences. Anyway, we calculated the divergences (10% for the chimp, 24% for the baboon and 19% for the gibbon). Our slope was 1/3.33, so our calibration 2.7%, or there will be a 2.7% divergence for every 1 million years. 

— But, like I said, we were left with more questions than answers! A quick search of the Berkeley site found this information:
A general explanation of molecular clocks
Molecular clocks in action: a case of 8 medical workers accused of infecting patients with HIV and how the evolution of the virus was used to prove them innocent.


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