3January2017 Makerspace Project

Luke and I are leading four 4-H projects this year: Digital Makerspace, Creative Math, DIgital Art and Makerspace. Wel, Jack is actually running the Digital Makerspace, but Luke’s favorite project is definitely Makerspace. He’s also taking Table Games and Cake Decorating, but those are being led by others.

When we started our 4-H year, we didn’t get any sign-ups for Makerspace, so Luke and I were planning on just having him do some 3-D printer projects and write up our meetings with his designs and creations. However, another member joined in December (his mom had knee surgery and was way behind on getting organized). Luke was delighted to have company in the project, and after a few meetings, even happier, since Q is a tinkerer like Luke and likes nothing better than to design something for the 3-D printer and then spend some time working on a popsicle stick box!







This is the 3-D printer for for Christmas – it has been running pretty steadily ever since he opened it!

And the whistle they made:

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