3 Feb2017 heading off to play date…

Jack, Luke and I are heading to the house of one of our usual Redwood parkday playmates since the forecast is for 100% rain. First stop: library to drop off an overdue book. Our library just re-opened after 6 weeks of remodeling (new carpet, furniture and paint) and I already have an overdue book! They didn’t want books to be returned during closure but also didn’t change the software so my account was blocked and I ended up with 70$ of fines. But they were very quick to erase them all once I explained (don’t most people take out a huge pile of books every week?) so I only worried for a day or so about having to pay it. 
Anyway, Luke is happy to get to see everyone again; our usual 2 Fridays a month at the Redwood Grove dwindled to only a few meetings over the holidays with people traveling and appointments. But never fear, his schedule will be full to the brim once again in just a few weeks:baseball, Thinkering, Redwood Grove, Lego team, 4-H and Kaluga Co-op. More on Kaluga very soon….

And below are a few pictures from the in-house play date: us mom were working on posters at the table, so the kids had a picnic on the floor instead. We stayed for 4.5 hours but Luke was still not ready to go! Too much fun running around outside (even with the rain coming in) and hanging out.

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