John and went into San Francisco together to take Luke to Lego Robotics and walk around and get some sun and exercise in (it was a beautiful day). I even got to go to Imagiknit, a gorgeous yarn store down the street from Lego. The only downside is that they have SO much yarn, it is hard to find specific brands that you have in mind. But hey, I’ll manage.

We also checked out Cliff’s Hardware in the Castro, and Peet’s for some coffee for John. And worse of all, after we headed home, we decided to go and try out Buddy’s in Hayward for a late lunch. After indulging in calamari, sliders and cheesy jalapeño/carnitas French fries, we waddled back to the car and home. Buddy’s does pretty good comfort food – they twist it just a bit so it isn’t the same old, same old. And the calamari was freshly breaded and fried, which is hard to find. Yum!

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