7December2017 Thinkering history…Slavery in Constitution

Second to last Thinkering history class and it was a heavy topic. The historical question for the day was “Why did the Founding Fathers choose to keep slavery in the Constitution?”. To be fair, most people in the colonies disapproved of slavery and wanted to end it, and there was originally an entry during the Constitutional Convention to include slavery and outlaw it, but the Deep South states (Rutledge from South Carolina and others from Georgia) threatened to form their own nations if that was done.

Other than history class and some work on their National History Day projects, Luke for some extra time at park with the kids before class (no more Shakespeare) and after, and then when all the kids had gone home, we return to K and G’s house for them to play while we wait for Daddy to pick us up. They’ve already put on some short skirts and are having a blast hanging out.

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