Reports for AP Lab Chemistry 2013-2014

26March 20143 – 2nd Lab Chemistry class
—Boys did Lab 6.3, or organic extraction of the iodine in Lugol’s Solution, as well as a Povidine solution of iodine. They read and started 6.4, the chromatography experiment, but ran out of time. We also got most of our order from Home Science Tools, which was fun!

12March2013—Our very first class, where the boys separated a mixture of sugar and sand. Here are some pictures:12Mar13_LabChem_Luke_baking-278212Mar13_LabChem_Luke_baking-2798 12Mar13_LabChem_Luke_baking-2790 12Mar13_LabChem_Luke_baking-2796

Book we are using: Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments

2March2013 – Shopping for supplies and equipementVendor list
The author of the book has a website with updated information for buying supplies:
1. We need a really good balance, and he recommends this one:  Unfortunately, no vendor on the list sells this balance, but prices are really reasonable, 117$

2. Glassware list from website:
BE112  Beaker 50ml – have
BE322  Beaker 150ml (3) – have
BE324  Beaker 250ml – have
BE328  Beaker 600ml – ??
BJ727  Wash bottle 500ml- have

BP682  Burette 50ml
a. from Nasco: 50 ml KIMBLE KIMAX® Burette, Straight Bore Stopcock with Dust Cap Price: $76.95
b. from Nasco – Geissler Burettes, Straight Glass Stopcock – 50 ml, price 34$|
c. Home Science Tools has one buret for 14$, and a higher quality one for 30$

CC522 Crucible w/cover 15ml
a. Home Science Tools has low and high forms for about 2$ each, plus tongs for 4$
b. Science Kit has high (3$), low forms (5$) and tongs (8$)
GR105 Graduated cylinder 10ml – have
GR120  Graduated cylinder 100ml – have
CC153  Evaporating dish 95mm
Home science tools has 100 ml dish for 2$
FL324  Flask Erlenmeyer 250ml (2) – have
FL357  Flask Erlenmeyer 500ml – need to check
FL920  Flask Volumetric 100ml – Home Science Tools has 50, 100, 250 and 500 ml flasks for 5 – 8$
FU686  Funnel 65mm – 3$ at HST
BP171  Pipette eye dropper glass (3) – 0.35$ apiece at HST
BP305  Pipette beral (10)
BP421  Pipette mohr 1.0ml and 10 mls – I think I have these, but Home Science Tools has both for about 4$ each.
CC800  Spot plate 12 well
TA168  Stirring rod 8″ (3)
Capillary tubes (12) – have
TT215  Test tubes 15 x 125mm (12)
TA305  Glass tubing 5mm – HST has 5mm tubing for 70 cents apiece
CC 853 Watchglass 3 1/2″ – HST has them for 1.80$ for one check 100mm – 3.5 inches
Home science tools has buret clamp for 7$, plus a Lincoln one for 7$
Ring stand – HST has one for 11.50
Vacuum filtering kit from HST – 47$ and includes: 500 ml vacuum filtering flask, a hand vacuum pump, a 2-piece plastic 90 mm Buchner funnel with approximate 300 ml capacity, 9 cm filter paper, connection tubing, and a rubber stopper.
If I want a ceramic Buchner funnel though, will need to buy separately:
Filtering flask from HST 500mls – 13.50$
Vacuum pump – 26$
Ceramic Buchner funnel – 9$
Distillation set-up:
From Ward’s, 120$, but some of the equipment might be duplicated from above.  Includes:

500 mL filtering flask
500 mL round bottom borosilicate flask with side tube
300 mm Graham condenser
250 mL Erlenmeyer flask
Glass stopper
Support stand (6″ x 9″) with 24″ rod
Swivel burette clamp
Extension clamp
Clamp holder
Activity guide

Home Science Tools has a Deluxe Distillation Apparatus Kit (80$).  Contents:
50 mm Kjeldahl bulb with stoppers
300 mm Graham condenser
Alcohol burner stand and tripod stand
500 ml florence flask
500 ml erlenmeyer flask
Support stand
Adjustable clamp
Wire gauze
Distillation instructions

Also have a condensation kit (tubing to attach to faucet for running water) for 14$

alcohol burner – have
electric hotplate burner – need to check (can we use large warmer)
gas burner
burette brush (cleaning burets)
tube brush – have
Patch cables with alligator clips, 50cm long and 26 gauge wire – standard electrical cables, 3-4 dollars everywhere
Boiling chips
Chromatography jar and cover – use large pickle jar
Chromatography paper – HST has 50 small strips for 5$h, plus need 15cm sheets – doublecheck our stock
Digital multimeter – ask John
electrode set – HST has one for 5$ a set
Red LED – for electrochemical experiments
Red laser pointer – ask John
Inoculating loop – platinum or nichrome – HST has for 3$

Litmus paper
Pinchcock – use for stopping tubing – have these!
Syringes – 10 – 50 mls, for gas experiments
Rubber stoppers – check our stock
Rubber tubing of various sizes – should fit glass tubing of 5mm size
Tongs, crucible, beaker and tube – have some of these already
Thermometer – have Vernier plus infared one


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