Index Page: Slavery and Early American History – Thinkering History 2018


This page contains the class notes for a 10 week course on early US History with a special focus on slavery and how it was one of the key issues in the making and development of our country. See below for not only links to specifics for each class, but also many other links and resources to study slavery and other parts of our history on your own. 

Links to each class – lots of extra resources included:

Class#1 (25Jan2018): Roots of Slavery in the New World. See Thinkering History: Roots of Slavery in the New World (class#1)
Class#2 (31Jan2018): The Many Paths of Resistance and Revolt on the Part of the Enslaved.
Class#3 (8Feb2018): The American Revolution and its Effect on Slavery
Class#4 (15Feb2018): How did the Constitution Protect Slavery; Lewis and Clark and the Louisiana Purchase

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Books and resources being used for this class:

Primary Sources

A. Horton, James Oliver., and Lois E. Horton. Slavery and the Making of America. Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN: 978019517903

This book was used as the source for an accompanying documentary made in 2005 with the same name, and available from PBS or perhaps from your library (I couldn’t find any legal online way to view the documentary, nor is it on Netflix or Amazon Prime). Here’s the homepage from the public station that sponsored it: The website isn’t being maintained, but there are a lot of nice pages and useful information that kids will enjoy scrolling through.

Explore the “Character Spotlight: , the “Personal Narrative at and the “Original Documents”at  Use the “Explore by Subject” to find more than one listing in each category.

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