AP Human Geo Units 3-5

Unit III Cultural Patterns and Processes

  • A. Concepts of culture: Traits, Diffusion, Acculturation, assimilation, and globalization and Cultural regions
    B. Cultural differences: Language, Religion, Ethnicity, Gender and Popular and folk culture
    C. Cultural landscapes and cultural identity: Values and preferences and Symbolic landscapes and sense of place
    Readings in Textbook:
    De Blij & Murphy –
    Chapter 4: Local Culture, Popular Culture and Cultural Landscapes
    Chapter 5: Identity: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, & Sexuality
    Chapter 6: Language
    Chapter 7: Religion Environmental impact of cultural attitudes and practices

    Media & Projects:
    Power of Place #24.1
    Power of Place #25
    Power of Place #17
    Merchants of Cool
    HGIA: Ch 2 – Layers of Tradition: Culture Regions at Different Scales
    HGIA: Ch 12 – Do Orange and Green Clash? Residential Segregation in Northern Ireland


    Unit IV: Political Organization of Space

    Territorial dimensions of politics
    The nature and meaning of boundaries
    Influences of boundaries on identities, interaction, and exchange
    Federal and unitary states
    Spatial relationships between political patterns and patterns of hnicity, economy, and environment.
    Evolution of the contemporary political patterns
    The nation-state concept
    Colonialism and imperialism
    Changes and challenges to political-territorial arrangements
    Changing nature of sovereignty
    Fragmentation, unification, alliance
    Supranationalism and devolution
    Electoral geography, including gerrymandering

    De Blij & Murphy

    Chapter 8: Political Geography

    Supplemental Material/Activities

    Terms List
    Chapter 8.1 Worksheet
    Chapter 8.2 Worksheet
    Chapter 8.3 Worksheet
    Political Models
    10 Most Unusual Borders
    Berlin Conference of 1884
    Political Geography of the Oceans
    Shape of the State
    Can A Town Divided .. Stand?
    In Praise of Borders
    Invisible Millions Pay Price of Statelessness
    The European Union
    Township & Range
    Stateless Groups Around the World

    Media & Projects
    Power of Place #3
    Power of Place #4
    Power of Place #8
    HGIA: Ch 13 – Breaking Up is Hard to Do; Nations, States, and Nation-States


    Unit V. Agriculture and Rural Land Use

    Development and diffusion of agriculture
    Neolithic Agricultural Revolution
    Second Agricultural Revolution
    Green Revolution
    Modern Commercial Agriculture
    Major agricultural production regions
    Agricultural systems associated with major bioclimatic zones
    Variations within major zones and effects of markets

    Linkages and flows among regions of food production and consumption

    Rural land use and settlement patterns

    Models of agricultural land use, including von Thunen’s model

    Settlement patterns associated with major agriculture types

    Land use/land cover change, irrigation, conservation (desertification, deforestation)

    Modern commercial agriculture

    Biotechnology, including genetically modified plants and animals

    Spatial organization and diffusion of industrial agriculture

    Organic farming and local food production

    Environmental impacts of agriculture


    De Blij & Murphy

    Chapter 11: Agriculture


    Supplemental Material/Activities

    Terms list

    Chapter 11.1 Worksheet

    Chapter 11.2 Worksheet

    Chapter 13.1 Worksheet

    Chapter 13.2 Worksheet

    Green Revolution

    Two Examples of Commodity

    The Global Food Crisis

    Geography of Agriculture

    Slash and Burn Agriculture

    Green Revolution Expires?

    Confined Livestock Better for the Planet

    The Changing Scale of American Agriculture

    Koppen Climate Classification System


    Media & Projects

    Power of Place #7.2

    Power of Place #16

    Power of Place #20

    Power of Place #23.2

    Power of Place #24.2

    HGIA: Ch 8 – Food for Thought: The Globalization of Agriculture



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