Thinkering: Hands on Geometry



This page contains the class notes for a 10 week course on Hands On Geometry. See below for not only links to specifics for each class, but also many other links and resources to learn more geometry in a fun, engaging but still challenging and thought-provoking way!


Links to each class – lots of extra resources included:

Class#1 (25Jan2018):
Class#2 (31Jan2018):
Class#3 (8Feb2018):
Class#4 (15Feb2018):

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Books and resources being used for this class:


  1. Geometry: A Guided Inquiry by G. D. Chakerian, Sherman K. Stein, Calvin D. Crabill
  2. Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding by Harold R. Jacobs.
  3. Patty Paper Geometry by Michael Serra

I also used many online resources for ideas and help, see below. The separate links for each class will also have more resources to explore for each topic.