17Sept13 Link Co-op, Poultry and a nice walk

It was a busy day! First we had a LINK meeting, which is a co-op just for Ian and Luke, where we do film-making, chemistry and more (we switch houses for every meeting). Jack helped them get started with stop-motion animation with Legos and our cameras, although it took a … Read more

26 Aug 2013 open house at 4-H

Today was Open House for 4-H where prospective members can come and check us out before joining. Luke was Sargeant at Arms for the first time, and very proud and happy to be an officer. Jack and Chance talked about their projects, and then we stayed so I could help … Read more

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10June2013 4-H Swim Party!

We are at Cull Canyon swimming lagoon for the June 4-H meeting, but the meeting only took about 10 minutes so the kids could play and swim. Jack had a bad sore throat so stayed home, but I made Chance come, since it is the only meeting he will make … Read more

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