5Dec2015 Hike at Redwood – Ladybugs!

We met up with two friends and their mom to go for a hike at Canyon Meadow to see if the rumors of ladybugs were true, and they were. I got some amazing pictures of the ladybugs wintering over. They mass in huge groups and aren’t really hibernating but are … Read more

3Sept14 Quick trip to the Exploratorium

We met up with a new friend (his name is Marcello) at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, figuring that the crowds wouldn’t be too bad, since school has just started and the teachers haven’t arranged any field trips yet, and we were right! Luke and I love having more room … Read more

04June2014_Chance and Jack going to see play

Chance and Jack have been going to the Berkeley Repetroy Theater for a few years now, first to attend Teen Night, which was when the theater invited teens to come and see current plays for a bargain price of 10$, and then even more plays when I brought them a … Read more

4March14 Wonderful day at Coyote Hills

Luke and I spent the day at Coyote Hills, where he got to attend a class on how the Ohlone Indians would have lived when they were there, and then we took a hike with Robyn and her son.  

16Jan2013 Trackers class, first day

Luke started a Trackers class today and just as I had imagined, enjoyed himself thoroughly. Trackers is a program started by a couple of guys who were interested in teaching kids how to live off the land when camping or even in a survival situation, which means learning how to … Read more

Lucasfilm Outing

On Wednesday, May 21st, I took the boys for their last Lucasfilm presentation in San Francisco. Lucasfilms is the film company started by George Lucas that makes Star Wars, and these presentations (this was the 5th one) are the people who work on the special effects coming and talking to … Read more