Journal Entry

Laughter – a few times this weekend have found him laughing: we watched a funny movie on Saturday night (Marley & Me) where he was really laughing at a few of the dog’s antics. He also found the mom’s comments about working with ethyl alcohol at our next biology lab … Read more

Journal Entry – Monday 26Oct2009

We didn’t get a huge amount of schoolwork done today, mainly because the boys had a doctor’s appointment at 2 pm, and Jack was quite apprehensive about it and wasn’t in the mood for work. He’s actually been a bit grouchy ever since he heard about the appointment, but I … Read more

Laughter and Abandon 22Oct09

Laughter: I need to hear about every time you notice Jack laughing, and I need you to distinguish between the quiet chuckles when dad makes a pun and the louder expressions of fun.Wow, this is different! Has he laughed today? He’s certainly chuckled a few times, but I don’t remember … Read more