7May2016 Drones and Warriors

Daddy brought home a huge drone from work, and trie it out in the living room: it made an incredibly loud drone (pun intended) and an unbelievable amount of air whooshing out. It lifted the rug on the floor and fluttered all the papers in the room. Unfortunately the battery … Read more

9May2016 Last 4-H meeting of year

The school year is winding down for us, which is highly ironic, since we don’t go to school! But being in 4-H keeps us busy every month with regular project meetings and events, so May is always a relief: last project meetings, the end of the officer’s and club meetings, … Read more

8May2016 Sunday at home

Mother’s Day with everyone home, what a rarity! We still had some leftovers from Chance’s birthday meal, and the boys got up early and got the kitchen cleaned up from the day before. Luke made me a homemade card and we all got together to play some Power Grid in … Read more

19April2016 last full day in Vegas

john headed to NAB conference a little earlier this morning (9 am) but it was already warming up outside; it got up to about 87 degrees by midday. Pretty hot for a nice spring day. I got some work done at a Starbucks in the front of the MGM Grand … Read more

5April2016 trying out the local skate park 

Luke wanted to go and try out Thrasher Park, which is a local skate ramp. We stopped at the Indian grocery for some chickpea flour and oat flour (having good luck making bread for John using bean flours and oats) and then off to the park. Jack walked to the … Read more

3April2016 Plastic Eliminators Meeting

A meeting at the house for Plastic Eliminators – I hope we can continue with this project so Luke can have the experience of doing it. One more year for Jack and a few more for Cedar, so we might need some fresh members to keep it going.

14April2016 Thinkering

I have been bad about Thinkering posts this spring, although I have put up some Pond Biology posts if you are interested in Protista and carbon metabolism! Thinkering has been Shakeseare in the morning (Romeo and Juliet), Latin and Fine Art in the afternoon. Latin class has a very healthy … Read more

15April2016 redwoods and sleepovers

A very nice day for Luke: getting dropped off by Geandma at B’s house to go and play at the grove in the Redwoods in Oakland, and then getting to go back to his house for a day-long play date and sleepover that night. Life doesn’t get any better than … Read more

16April2016 Baseball and Broken Fridges

it is Saruday and im sitting in a camp chair at Monroe School here in San Leandro watching Luke pitch his baseball game. His coaches say he has a very strong and fast pitch, but since he is just starting, his aim isn’t perfect yet. So along with all the … Read more

15Jan2016 working on Pylon for the Tech Challenge

Luke is on a team with 5 other boys to invent a glider that can deliver a payload of ping-pong balls over a mountain. There will also be some obstacles in the way that the glider will need to get past; in order to test their gliders, they needed a … Read more