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Thinkering History: Roots of Slavery in the New World (class#1)

Class#1: Roots of Slavery in the New World Overview of class meeting: Big question of the Day: How did race-based slavery develop? We think about slavery as this complete package that just came to evil landowners. It didn’t happen that way. It happened one law at a time, one person … Read more


John and went into San Francisco together to take Luke to Lego Robotics and walk around and get some sun and exercise in (it was a beautiful day). I even got to go to Imagiknit, a gorgeous yarn store down the street from Lego. The only downside is that they … Read more

7December2017 Thinkering history…Slavery in Constitution

Second to last Thinkering history class and it was a heavy topic. The historical question for the day was “Why did the Founding Fathers choose to keep slavery in the Constitution?”. To be fair, most people in the colonies disapproved of slavery and wanted to end it, and there was … Read more

22Jan2017 AP Biology: Mitosis and Meiosis

                                  This was a lab to learn about mitosis and meiosis, which are the processes by which all prokaryotes (bacteria and viruses), plants and animal cells duplicate themselves (make a copy). Mitosis is far more common … Read more

July 2017L Luke is Up North!

Just a few pictures to show Luke having fun:                                                                 

Learning about photosynthesis with simulations

Preparation First, go to homepage for Photosynthesis activity (make sure you scroll down past the large square): There’s also a student activity sheet: Print out a copy of the student activity sheet and have it handy when you do the simulation. Some thinking questions before you start 1. … Read more

3 Feb2017 heading off to play date…

Jack, Luke and I are heading to the house of one of our usual Redwood parkday playmates since the forecast is for 100% rain. First stop: library to drop off an overdue book. Our library just re-opened after 6 weeks of remodeling (new carpet, furniture and paint) and I already … Read more

Lab#8 Mitosis and Meiosis Lab

Part 1: Modeling Mitosis and Meiosis with pipe cleaners Using this website:, we will use pipe cleaners and beads to model the process of meiosis and mitosis. The website has links to directions, template and worksheets, but in short the procedure is as follows: Making your chromosomes: 1. Each … Read more

Working through analysis of 1st cross in Virtual Fly Lab

At the end of the Virtual Fly lab, it tells you to do a chi-square with your data to see if your crosses fit the null hypothesis. For example, your first cross is vestigial wings (male) crossed with wildtype (female). You did a F1 and then a F2 cross and … Read more