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Cool Articles and Links

BBC article about Richard Feynman

Debate and Current Events

Intelligence Squared – a lively place for people to debate anything and everything – this link takes you to the podcasts and videos, but there is a lot here.

SignandSight – online European based magazine


George Mason’s History news Network – really nicely done, lots of commentary by current historians


Nature Magazine’s education website

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Cool Articles and Links

BBC article about Richard Feynman


Science and Engineering

The Engineer Guy – Make called Bill a “brilliant science-and-technology documentarian”, whose “videos should be held up as models of how to present complex technical information visually” Wired called them “dazzling.” ). – a website for teens and kids who like science

Every Day is Science Friday – from NPR

 SPARK from IEEE, filled with information about programming games and much more

Math – a collection of puzzles and lots more!

General Resources and Paid Subscriptions – online K-8 homeschooling curriculum. Paid subscription.
Your forum access and Brainpop subscription were available instantly.  If you have not yet accessed, please check it out with username gthreestudent and password ag28ka.
You should now be able to access Discovery Virtual Streaming by using your email address as the username and ag28ka as the password.


WebRangers – National Park Service
Lawrence Hall of Science Arcade GamesEngaging Science – Roly J. Robot’s games from the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, Science World and the Vancouver Aquarium in British Columbia, Canada.The Science Spot – KidZone – Chemistry – list of fun links, including the GEMS Alien Juice Bar.
Bill Nye the Science Guy (via
National Geographic Kids

Symphony of Science videos
Singing Science audio


 Beast Academy – math for the elementary set by the AoPS people

 Math Pickle Website – lots of cool stuff

Cool Math 4 Kids

Math Cats

Math Playground

Vi Hart, recreational mathemusician.

Videos of math ideas, taught by Sal Khan

Skip Counting


Two: NumBears WynnMelvin13 HaveFunTeaching

Three: LetsStartSmart HaveFunTeaching SchoolhouseRock MultiplicationTable

Four: HaveFunTeaching SchoolhouseRock

Five: LetsStartSmart

Six: SchoolHouseRock

Seven: CathysFiddle

Eight: GenkiMath

Nine: LetsStartSmart

Multiplication Table – CYFilmStudent


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

ArtsEdge – online learning and lesson plans


SF MOMA Country Dog Gentlemen

Music: San Francisco Symphony Kids website

PBS Kids Games


Letters, words, stories, games and fun at

More Videos

Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli

Inuyasha: a Feudal Fairy Tale

Episode 1-167 on AnimeFreakTV
Episode 127: “Don’t Boil It! The Terrifying Dried-Up Demon Yōkai // Nichadame! Kyōfu no Himono Yōkai” (煮 ちゃダメ! 恐怖の干物妖怪)

More Pre-K fun

Geography games
Google Maps
Edwin Van Moon, Balloon Tycoon (

Miscellaneous – Storybook Adventure

 AP Chem Teachers’ Websites

An AP Chem student/teacher Wiki   Here you will find lecture notes and review materials for each of the major units of study for the AP® Chemistry course. If your teacher is using the NMSI AP Chemistry Labs, then your student lab protocols for class are also available.

Berkeley AP Chem teacher’s website – APChemlearning – with links, videos and handouts.

Jeff Christensen’s AP Chem site from Normal Community High School    Has worksheets listed by day that can be printed put and given to your students to help them prepare for AP Chem, and much more, including a page of ChemMatters, archived chemistry articles from this magazine.

Help for Chemistry problems

Tutorials in Problem-solving in AP Chem This is a wonderful site that provides reviews in General and Introductory Chemistry topics.


General Chemistry Sites – for fun

Molecule of the week from ACS (American Chemistry Society) This whole website is pretty cool, actually!

The Boy Who Harnassed the Wind

This is a great read and I highly recommend it--covers many APES topics such as population in Africa, soil erosion, wind energy etc.  I am planning on assigning it as extra credit over the holidays and was wondering if anyone had any materials for it so I don't reinvent the wheel.

Kristi Schertz

Sites for Students to do their own Research

 Graphical Approach to History (

Sites for Teaching Resources

World History for Us All – offers a curriculum using 9 Big Eras:

  •   offers a treasury of teaching units, lesson plans, and resources.
  •     presents the human past as a single story rather than unconnected stories of many civilizations.
  •     helps teachers meet state and national standards.
  •     enables teachers to survey world history without excluding major peoples, regions, or time periods.
  •     helps students understand the past by connecting specific subject matter to larger historical patterns.
  •     draws on up-to-date historical research.
  •     may be readily adapted to a variety of world history programs.

World History Connected – tons of articles, links and other teaching resources

World History Teaching – another great portal, The World History Network provides a review of electronic materials for research and teaching in world history. The Network website itself provides reviews of the field, tutorials, announcements, a discussion forum, research reports, assessments of websites, guides to methods for research and teaching, and detailed materials for teaching and research. In addition, the Network provides links to a wide range of internet and other electronic resources for teaching and research in world history. units on World History – Annenberg’s offerings on World History, excellent as usual!

Fordham’s Internet History Sourcebooks – primary sources for history found on internet.

 World Digital Library – The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world.

Incredible list of history journals, with many free articles

AP Teachers’ Personal Websites

Mr Hood’s site – excellent

Mrs. Pugh’s website – pretty standard

 Mr. Henderson’s website – pretty standard

A dissertation on teaching World History – very long but might have some ideas

Art History

SmARTHistory – a very nicely done look at art history through the ages, with lots of pictures, and information.


Cool Websites

History Pin – a way to look and add photos of people and neighborhoods from around the world


Suggestions for Studying Maps
How to analyze MAPS.
Analyzing Maps in world history--Bridging World history.
Here is Bridging World History unit mentioned in link above.
Map analysis.
Peters Map projection...Mercater etc. al...
Map ideas..
Map Mercator bias..etc.
American history dealing with N. American natives....
Interactive time maps for world history.

General Teaching Resources

 C-SPAN’s Video Library – an incredible resource of videos on every topic in AP government and civics!


AP Teachers’ Personal Websites

 Mrs. Newmark’s webpage – also has US History

Mrs. Hales Social Studies site – haven’t looked at in depth yet

Helpful Research Links

Page of Links from “All You Need to Know” website by Wedding

AP US History

AP US History


A general link to all of the online quizzes for the Brinkley Survey history text


10 Commandments of Good Historical Writing (or answering DBQs!)    Read

Link to the grading rubric used by teacher for grading DBQs    Read

American Colonies Emerge, 1492-1690

Online Review Questions for Jamestown, Puritan New England, and Settlement of Middle Colonies

Online Quiz #1 for Early Discovery and Settlement

Online Quiz #2 for Early Discovery and Settlement

Online Quiz #1 for America and the British Empire

Online Quiz #2 for America and the British Empire

Online Quiz #1 for Late 17c and 18c American Society


I’ve taken a good number of the preceding online multiple-choice quizzes; I’m composing the ones I’ve taken and my results in an email which I’ll send when I’m done with them.

Changing Relationship with Great Britain 1754 – 1774

DBQ on factors involved that changed the way the American colonies viewed Great Britain (no answer essay available)


American Revolution, 1775 – 1825

Online Quiz#1 for the The Road to Revolution   Done

Online Quiz#2 for the The Road to Revolution   Done

Online Quiz #1 for The American Revolution   Done

Online Quiz #2  for The American Revolution


DBQ on the American Revolution as an agent for social change (no answer essay available)

DBQ on the Constitution and Bill of Rights as compromise between two extremes (no answer essay)

Link to a student created DBQ on whether American Revolution could be seen as a civil war

(their answer is in a link on the very bottom)

Link to student created DBQ on differences between Hamilton and Jefferson’s views on government


Post American Revolution and Civil War 1810 – 1860

 DBQ on Supreme Justice Marshall’s rulings on State’s rights vs Federal supremacy, plus more

DBQ on creation of Second American Party System (no essay answer available)

Reconstruction and Industrial Age 1875 – 1925

DBQ created by teacher on re-enslavement of blacks in South after Civil War(no answer essay)

DBQ (by teacher) on workers losing power against big business in late 1800s (no answer essay)

DBQ (by teacher) on Farmer’s Alliance and Populists alarming mainstream political parties (no answer essay)


Great Depression and WWII 1920-1970

DBQ on importance of WWII transforming American society (no essay answer available)

DBQ on whether Roosevelt hid foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor attack to get Americans to join war (no essay answer)

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