Working through osmosis and water potential

This is a Pearson LabBench activity on Diffusion and Osmosis: The first few pages of this activity will be review after our diffusion lab, but it is worth reading through it. Some quick questions to keep in mind as you work through the activity (answers are faded out to … Read more

10Oct2016 Working through HW questions from lab

For our lab on October 8th, we worked through this activity: hhmi_lab_hw_malaria_populationgenetics_student But first, we did some introductory work on the Hardy Weinberg equation: A Bozeman (Paul Anderson) video on where the HW equation comes from and its connection to the Punnett Square. For many students, the HW (Hardy-Weinberg) equation … Read more

29Sept2016 Molecular Clocks

List of Activities from Index Page: Molecular Clocks (short but informative) What we did/More information This was a short activity, but maybe we needed more, since we were left with more questions than we answered. — The first part was examining a 80 base sequence from humans, chimps and baboons. … Read more

29Sept16 – Working through rock pocket mouse activities

List of Activities from Index Page: Natural Selection and Evolution of Rock Pocket Mouse Populations. (HMMI Biointeractive activity – analyzing data and answering questions) Color Variation Over Time in Rock Pocket Mouse Populations  (more in same vein – analyzing data and answering questions) Allele and Phenotype Frequencies in Rock Pocket … Read more

25Sept2016 – Lab#1: Animal Behavior

Preparation for Lab: 1. Read Chapter 27 in Campbell’s Lab book (or whichever one is the Animal Behavior one). In short, we are looking to observer or elicit 3 kinds of behavior:   Orientation behavior: this can take two forms, taxis (being attracted or repelled from a stimuli) Agonistic behavior: … Read more

Breakdown of Campbell readings and essential knowledge

Domain 1: Evolution All the reading: Chapters 22.1-22.3, 23.1-23.4, 24.1-24.3, 25.1-25.4, 26.1-26.5 (basically Chapters 22-26, with 26.6 being extra material) I’m listing the Essential Knowledge so you can keep tabs on what you should be learning in this unit. I would even copy these, print them out, and paste into … Read more