12Nov2013 Chemistry Lab

This week we did lab 7.5 part 2 and lab 8.1 Lab 7.5 part 2, Determine the concentration of an unknown solution was a continuation of what we had done last week, last week we had made 6 test tubes filled with copper sulfate solutions ranging from 48% to 1.5% … Read more

29Oct2013 Chemistry Lab

This week we did lab 7.5 part one, make up reference solutions. We filled one test tube with 10ml of distilled water and five others with 5ml distilled water. We measured out 2.4g of copper sulfate and dissolved it into test tube number one, we took 5ml of the solution … Read more

22Oct13 Chem Lab Meeting

Working through calculations for making copper sulfate solutions (Lab 7.1): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copper%28II%29_sulfate – information about copper sulfate pentahydrate What are those 5 extra water molecules attached to the copper sulfate? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_of_crystallization They are trapped inside the crystalline cages of the copper sulfate molecules, so are part of the formula, but are … Read more

24Sept2013 Chem Lab # 7

redo of lab 6.3 We weighed out 125 grams of copper sulfate added 75ml of warm water to the copper sulfate and slowly boiled it on a hot plate. Once the copper sulfate had dissolved we funneled it through into a beaker and put in into an ice bath. After … Read more

11June13 Chem Lab#6

Did Lab 6.6: determine the formula of a hydrate We began by heating our crucible to remove any moisture and weighing it. We put 5 grams of copper sulfate into the crucible and weighed all of it together. We began slowly heating it over a burner, once the copper sulfate … Read more

28May13 ChemLab Meeting

The boys met today and tried to start the purification of the copper heptasulfate, but ran into needing to dehydrate the baking soda in order to generate anhydrous baking soda, so we starting baking it and they did the chromatography lab instead.