August 7th – Day with Jeff

Jeff was coming to Michigan today to visit people and the cemetery. Aunt Karen, Grandma, Luke and I came out to the cemetery with Uncle Bernie, Jeff and his family at about 10:30. We got there a little later than Jeff and had time to walk around a little bit. … Read more

August 6th – More of the same

Everyone we could have visited was busy and there wasn’t anything we really wanted to do. Luke really enjoyed going over to Wyatt’s house yesterday so aunt Kelly called Gray and she was fine with it. He stayed late but had a lot of fun, the only problem was he … Read more

August 5th- Resting

With such a busy weekend we wanted to rest a little bit, we didn’t have any plans for the day. Gray and Whyatt invited Luke to come over and he was over there for a few hours. We didn’t do any swimming because the pool needed to be backwashed and … Read more

August 4th – Dawn’s party

We didn’t know if we would see him again so we had breakfast with grandpa and grandma sandy. Grandma had left for Dawn’s early in the morning and we left right after breakfast. Aunt Kelly had picked up chance yesterday so he could get a chance to see everyone. Pretty … Read more

August 1st – Across the state

When I got up Luke and Cioca had done most of the packing, there wasn’t too much to do but they got it together. We did laundry after Luke and I took showers, only missed a pair of Luke’s dirty socks. Grandma had said they would get there around 1 … Read more

July 30th – Dune Buggy Ride

Normally we have cereal or Luke makes eggs for himself but today everyone was up at a decent time so Luke made eggs for everyone. They were very good eggs, Luke did his special eggs with bacon mixed in. Because it was a nice day and pretty much the only … Read more