July 17th – playing with Wyatt

Today Wyatt, gray and some of Wyatt’s cousins came over with Morgan and we all got ready and we got in gray’s car. We drove over to the water park which was called Turtle Grove but we didn’t go in because it would have been an hour wait. We drove … Read more

10July13 First time tubing!

I had lots of fun tubing and riding on the boat and I went on a kaiak and paddled around a little. I went swimming and sometime one of these days I’m going to try water skiing. When we rode and boat around the lake we saw a few turtles … Read more

A day with uncle Paul and Neil

We went to the grillhouse at 1 for lunch and after we ate we drove home. At home we sat and talked for a while with uncle Paul and Neil and then I wanted to go out into the backyard with uncle Paul’s metal detector to look for stuff. After … Read more