US History Index

Kaluga US History Fall 2018
Index of Historical Periods

Colonial Period
1607 – 1763
Beg: Jamestown Founded.
End: French and Indian War Ended
Revolutionary Period

1763 – 1783

Beg: England ended salutary neglect.
End: Treaty of Paris signed, ending Revolution.

Confederation Period

1781 – 1789

Beg: States abandon their western land claims.
End: Constitution ratified.

Early Republic Period

1815 – 1824

Beg: War of 1812 ended.
End: Election of 1824

Jacksonian Era

1828 – 1848

Beg: Andrew Jackson elected president.
End: Mexican War ends/Polk leaves office.

Antebellum Period (before Civil War)

1793 – 1861

Beg: Cotton gin invented/rise of slavery.
End: Civil War started.

The Civil War

1861 – 1865

Beg: Civil War starts.
End: Civil War ends/assassination of Abe Lincoln

1865 – 1877
Beg: Civil War ended.
End: Compromise of 1877

Gilded Age

1868 – 1901

Beg: Ulysses Grant elected president.
End: Assassination of William McKinley.
Progressive Era

1901 – 1917

Beg: Square Deal begins.
End: America enters Great War (WWI).

New Deal Era

1933 – 1939

Beg: Franklin Roosevelt begins his presidency.
End: World War II begins in Europe.

Fair Deal Era

1945 – 1953

Beg: Truman becomes president when FDR dies.
End: Korean War divides nation/Truman retires

New Frontier/Great Society Era

1961 – 1968

Beg: John F. Kennedy becomes president.
End: Vietnam War divides nation.